Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in this 1969 photo. (MAE/AP)

The United States has already had a stab at making an Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton bioflick, resulting in the hash that was Lifetime’s Lindsay Lohan “comeback” vehicle, “Liz & Dick.”

Now, the Brits will now show us how it’s done.

BBC Four has announced plans to produce a flick called “Burton and Taylor” that will star Helena Bonham Carter as Liz and Dominic West as Burton.

This movie will zoom in on the twice-married/twice-divorced couple’s 1983 restaging of Noel Coward’s “Private Lives,” which marked the first time the mercurial couple co-starred on stage; the ill-fated run lasted 63 performances.

“Private Lives” tells the story of a man and woman who have divorced and married others when they discover they’re honeymooning with their respective spouses in adjacent rooms of a hotel.

When “Private Lives” was staged, New York Magazine described the play as an “almost actorproof confection.” But then it would have to be, with Norma Shearer having starred in the 1931 feature film adaptation with Robert Montgomery.