The average American watches nearly five hours of video a day, and 98 percent of that viewing is done on a traditional TV set, Nielsen reported Thursday.

Nielsen acknowledged that we’re shifting to new technologies and devices that make it easier for us to watch content when and where we want.

After years of uninterrupted growth, the number of “TV households” — a home with at least one TV set that’s able to receive at least one signal — has declined for a second year.

According to prelim Nielsen figures, there are now 114.1 million “TV homes” in the United States. One year ago, there were 114.7 million.

Concurrently, the number of total viewers — anyone from the age of 2 (which is, apparently, the age at which advertisers figure you start being influenced by TV ads) to expiration — in TV homes has declined slightly in the United States, from 289.3 million to 289.2 million.

Nielsen’s final 2013 TV Household Universe Estimates will be revealed in August.