OWN announced Tuesday of this week that, Oprah Winfrey snared a “a rare interview” with David Letterman, in which “no question was off limits.”

First Look: Oprah’s Next Chapter with David Letterman

Oprah sits down with legendary late-night talk show host David Letterman. In this rare interview, David discusses his rival, Jay Leno; his public sex scandal; and how he repaired his marriage. Plus, David opens up about his battle with depression.

In the “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview, OWN said tantalizingly, Dave spoke candidly about the “public sex scandal that rocked his marriage,” his relationship with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, his battle with depression. And, “for the first time, Winfrey reveals to Letterman the true reason behind their much-publicized ‘feud’.”

“Jan 6. Notoriously private. David Letterman,” OWN Voiceover Guy says urgently in the promo sent to reporters.

”No holds barred!

For the first time, the bombshell sex scandal!” Voiceover Guy continues.

“And the truth behind the infamous feud,” Voiceover Guy concludes as Oprah is heard telling Dave, “Let me tell you what my memory is. Would you like to hear mine?”

“Nope,” Dave responds, in our head.

Two days after OWN’s announcement — and 17 days before Oprah’s intervew will run — Charlie Rose interviewed David Letterman on “CBS This Morning,” during which, Dave talked about his battle with depression, and the whole Johnny Carson/Jay Leno thing, but not the “public sex scandal” which, you may remember, was public because Letterman spoke about it openly on his show one night, revealing he’d had sex with a show staffer when they were both single, and now the boyfriend was threatening to go public with the news unless Dave coughed up a lot of lettuce — really more of s run-of-the-mill extortion case than a sex scandal, the public revelation of which boosted Dave’s ratings.

Rose also did not ask Letterman about his feud with Oprah, because nobody cares any more.

Here’s Dave’s interview with Rose, followed by OWN’s sensational tease for its Jan. 6 “get”:

‘CBS This Morning’ interview: