Oprah Winfrey (Andrew H. Walker/GETTY IMAGES)

The guy and his family are thrust into national headlines, forcing them to present an idyllic public façade, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the series in development — as part of a long-term deal Oprah/Harpo signed back in 2008, to develop series, docus, TV movies and miniseries for HBO.

Best we tell, the pay cable network has not telecast anything out of that deal, though there have been many Oprah/Harpo projects doled out to the trade papers as “high priority” at HBO.

That includes one about a women who leaves her seemingly perfect marriage and kids in Santa Monica to indulge in secret fantasies in “the underbelly of Los Angeles.”

Another is based on the true story of a poor Baltimore mother who died of cervical cancer in 1951 and whose cells were removed by John Hopkins doctors — allegedly without her family’s knowledge — and used to develop significant breakthroughs in medical research.

Yet another is about a brothel in war-torn Congo, and there is a seven-hour miniseries adaptation of the book trilogy “America in the King Years.”

Before the HBO deal, Oprah and Harpo had a close 11-year relationship with ABC, where they made such notable movies/miniseries as “Tuesdays With Morrie” and ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God.”