Oprah Winfrey on “CBS This Morning” (Heather Wines/CBS)

The CBS show actually scored more viewers the next day last week.

Her Monday appearance on “CBS This Morning” kicked off a week in which Oprah also appeared in front of a hall packed with advertisers to talk to them about her struggling cable network OWN: the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Oprah told Gayle King and Charlie Rose on Monday, “Had I known that [launching OWN] was this difficult, I might have done something else.”

Three days later, talking to advertisers about the network, she said, “I’m climbing Kilimanjaro.”

“You know that song, ‘The Time of My Life’? I’ve had the climb of my life,” she joked.

Days earlier, OWN announced about 30 layoffs and a management shakeup with Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications, which reportedly has sunk about $300 million into the network.

“With our restructuring and right-sizing and getting into the sauce of what needs to happen every day, I feel like I can at least now see the summit,” Winfrey told advertisers.