Rosie O'Donnell (Frederick M. Brown/GETTY IMAGES)

Though OWN announced two weeks ago it would shutter the show on Friday, March 30 — part of a housecleaning that also included cutting 30 posts and a reconfiguring of the OWN executive suits, to gussie up the place before Oprah Winfrey appeared in front of advertisers next week in New York, to pitch them on the network — the network decided instead of call it a wrap one day earlier. That’s because Friday night’s Very Last Episode of Rosie’s show was going to be a re-run. I know — is this any way to run a network?

Instead of “Rosie,” OWN will run an episode of “Solved.”

Oh, and Thursday night, Rosie’s show limped to the finish line with a performance by pop-turned-country singer/Katherine Heigl husband Josh Kelley. It was a performance that had already been telecast months ago, when the show was made in front of a studio audience, according to the Chicago Sun Times.