A stunning 29 million people tuned in to watch Chuck Lorre kill off Charlie Sheen on CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” Monday night — about 40 percent more people than CBS had been expecting. And, Ashton Kutcher didn’t fail as Sheen’s replacement! It’s a role Kutcher seems best at — playing pretty but pretty naive. The 29 million is a series best for the long-running sitcom. CBS suits erupt in happy dancing.

Tuesday’s news: “Glee” showed early signs of being over. Most embarrassing for the too-hip-to-live Ryan Murphy series: it got slushied by the show that followed — Zooey Deschanel’s latest exercise in aren’t-I-adorable geek-itude.

And, after two nights of the new fall season on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” it appears the transgender voting bloc Chaz Bono brought with him to the show is far less motivated/organized when it comes to ballroom dancing competition and voting than is the tea party political movement brought last fall by Bristol Palin and her mom, who made frequent appearances on the show last fall.

Wednesday, Simon Cowell’s long-time-coming Fox singing competition “X Factor” opened with only about 700,000 more people tuned in than had watched NBC’s slapped-together singing competition “The Voice” back in April.

Meanwhile, ABC’s returning “Modern Family” whomps its first night and CBS’s returning “Big Bang Theory” stomps on Simon’s show on Night 2.

On Thursday, new J.J. Abrams series “Person of Interest” — starring “Lost” alum Michael Emerson as a mysterious billionare who creates a system that can predict when people are about to commit violent crimes — made CBS happy, as the drama opened with about 13 million viewers.

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