Members of the new NBC sitcom “1600 Penn” will visit the real 1600 Penn on Wednesday, as President Obama will host a private screening for the cast and crew.

“1600 Penn” cast. (NBC/CHRIS HASTON/NBC)

This means a reunion for the comedy’s co-creator and executive producer, Jon Lovett, who also happens to be Obama’s former speechwriter Obama’s speechwriting team will also be on hand for the screening, NBC said in its announcement. In case you missed the bus ads in Washington, the show follows an eccentric family in the White House, with the president (Bill Pullman) and the first lady/his second wife (Jenna Elfman).

Lovett left DC in September 2011 for a writing gig in Hollywood, and eventually met up with actor Josh Gad (who plays the president’s son on the show) and “Modern Family” director Jason Winer, who were looking to start a show about a kooky White House family. Thus, “1600 Penn” was born.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to write comedy and be creative,” Lovett told The Post’s Jason Horowitz in 2011 profile. “I would like to be able to write in my own voice.”

Though “1600 Penn” officially premieres Thursday night, about 7.2 million people watched the “sneak preview” when NBC aired the show’s pilot, right after “The Voice” finale in December.