Barbara Walters grilled Rege about his job prospects. (Donna Svennevik/ABC)

Regis Philbin is going to host a show on the new Fox sports channel, Rege himself announced on ABC’s “The View” Monday.

“I think I will be doing another show,” Rege told The Ladies of “The View” — including Barbara Walters, who was returning to the show for the first time since fainting and cutting her head at the British Embassy in Washington during President Obama’s inaugural clambake, only to discover she also had chicken pox.

After letting that little nugget of information out, Rege got coy, causing Babs to bark: “Announce it!”

“Oh, please, really?” Rege said.

A long-ish pause followed.

Then, unable to bear the silence, Rege said, “Fox.”

“Fox is starting a sports channel,” he continued. “Everybody’s starting a sports channel now, you know? We’re nothing but 24 hours of sports — ”

“And you are doing?” Babs interrupted, trying to drag him back on course.

“ESPN has been dynamite, you know, so everybody — NBC, CBS — everybody’s going to have their own sports channel,” Rege continued, ignoring her prompt.

“So Regis is going to be?” Babs tried again, remembering Rege prefers to be asked about himself in the third person.

It worked — clever Babs!

“Regis is going to have a show on that. Absolutely,” Rege answered.

Speaking of Babs’ return to “The View,” Walters kicked off Monday’s show by dropping names of famous people who’d sent her get-well letters.

“I was...cheered with letters, not just from Mrs. Clinton, but from President and Mrs. Obama, President and Mrs. Carter, Nancy Reagan, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, New York’s Cardinal Dolan, and New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg,” Babs boasted.

“And, most of all, as they say on public television, I want to thank viewers like you who wrote, e-mailed and expressed concern. You touched me greatly. All of you did. Enough about that, okay? On with the show,” she concluded.

Out walked Mayor Bloomberg with flowers.

Mayor Bloomberg, with flowers. (Donna Svennevik/ABC)

Babs: “You’re going to make me cry! My wonderful friend, the best mayor in the country, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Thank you, my friend!”

“I do this for everybody that gets sick in the city that comes back,” Bloomberg snarked.

Babs responded by amending her earlier comment, telling Bloomberg, “if not ‘THE’ you are ‘one of the’ best mayors this country has ever had.”

“What do you mean, ‘if not THE’?” Bloomberg responded.

“And modest!” shot back the woman who’d just bragged she got a get-well card from Nancy Reagan and Her Majesty Queen Rainier of Jordan.