Conan O’Brien (Meghan Sinclair/AP)

The TBS late-night talk show host, whose ratings aren’t all they used to be, is going to officiate a gay marriage ceremony during an episode while his show is being telecast from New York, reports celebrity web site Vulture.

Such marriage would not be legal in Southern California, from which “Conan” is based.

But, Vulture insists sweetly, this is no ratings stunt on the part of the late night host, whose numbers pale compared to those he used to rack up at NBC. You can tell, Vulture said, citing people who work on the show, because he’s going to officiate at a wedding ceremony of an actual member of his staff.

Which reminds me of a gag we heard the other day:

So. this guy, who works on a low-rated talk show, walks into a bar and begins to protesteth too much...