In January Lowe played Drew Peterson in Lifetime’s “Drew Peterson: Untouchable,” which averaged about 6 million viewers — which, in turn, became basic cable’s most watched original movie premiere in two years, since Lifetime’s “The Pregnancy Pact” back in ‘10.

This time Lowe will play the guy who managed to not get a conviction for Casey Anthony last July, even though Nancy Grace insisted Casey had killed her infant daughter, Caylee.

 Lucky for Ashton, he wrote the book “Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony” on which the flick is being based, so he probably won’t be handled too roughly in this flick. Besides, he’s being played by Rob Lowe.

 The flick will cover the investigation, the trial, what the prosecution got right, what they got wrong, and why Ashton remains convinced of Casey Anthony’s guilt, Lifetime said Thursday.

 Lifetime exec vp Rob Sharenow said they are “thrilled to have Rob returning to our network, after his amazing star turn as Drew Peterson,” adding that Lowe is “one of those rare stars who can do it all, comedy, drama, heroes and villains.”