"Arrested Development” (Sam Urdank/AP)

Howard, taking advantage of the momentum created by the previous couple days’ fact-free “Arrested” reporting, reiterates that “Arrested” creator Mitch Hurwitz is “writing” a screenplay based on the Fox TV series that was cancelled in 2006.

The cast, Howard says, is “totally behind the idea.” And Hurwitz has “developed the sense” he’d like to do more TV episodes of the franchise before the movie comes out.

Yes, five years after the cancellation of “Arrested Development,” its creator, Mitch Hurwitz, is still promising fans he is going to resuscitate the franchise as a movie. But, over the weekend, Hurwitz upped the ante, telling a crowd attending a New Yorker Festival that he’s decided he should first create more episodes of the series, as a walk-up to the movie.

Hurwitz did not say he had a deal done with a studio to actually make the movie. Nor did he say any studio had agreed to produce any more TV episodes. Nor did Hurwitz say he had found a network willing to air the episodes.

And yet, by Monday morning, the Web was littered with headlines like:

“ ‘Arrested Development’ new episode, movie confirmed”


“ ‘Arrested Development’ will return, with new episodes and a movie”

“Everybody at every studio and company is very supportive of the idea -- but there’s much to be worked out,” trustworthy child star turned executive producer Howard says in his G4 interview, with a smile and a wink, as the “Attack of the Show”crew is heard erupting in laughter over Howard’s pretend confirmation.

“So the series starts in fall 2012 and the movie in 2013?” the show host asks, cynically.

“Just wink once --,” the host continues.

“What ever you say!” Howard responds enthusiastically.

Tuesday’s Internet headline: “ ‘Arrested Development’ Series Return Set for Fall 2012 Before Movie’s 2013 Release.”