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“Today” show — a real junkyard dog in the cutthroat world of morning infotainment TV, which we mean in the best possible sense of “junkyard dog” — naturally looked to book someone who would share their interest in taking down Katie. They came up with – Sarah Palin, who’s been booked as Tuesday’s “Today” show guest host.

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You remember Palin — she’s the vice presidential candidate who was publicly humiliated when Katie Couric interviewed her on CBS’s evening newscast and asked what newspapers she reads to stay informed, and Palin did not name a single newspaper.

“Today” has also promised Ryan Seacrest will make a big NBC announcement on Tuesday’s show.

But, after Monday’s “surprise legend” bust, you may not be surprised to learn industry navel gazers are only expecting Seacrest to announce he too is being sent to London to help with Games coverage.

While interesting, it’s not nearly as zippy as, say, announcing he’s replacing Matt Lauer on “Today” — as navel gazers naturally had concluded back in December, after Seacrest was spotted dining with NBC News suits. (Seacrest is a big wheel at E! network which, like NBC, is owned by Comcast).

Anyway, who are you going to watch Tuesday — Katie or Sarah? Let us know here:

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