Seth Meyers (Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

Really?! And the news had come from such a reliable source! Just last week — as Meyers prepared to begin a five-day stint as Guest Person to be Upstaged by Ripa — the Hollywood gossip Web site Showbiz 411 reported that Meyers was in the lead to replace Rege on “Live! With Kelly.” Ripa’s been without a Permanent Person to Upstage since Rege threw in the towel last November.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Meyers said in a phone interview, adding snarkily: “I know [the subject of Rege’s replacement] is a very important thing down there.”

Because, of course, South Florida is filled with — really old people.

“I’m really in love with the job I have,” continued Meyers, who added: “I’m very excited to be going back [to “SNL”] for the election season, which is always fun.”

But the South Florida Sun-Sentinel got the last laugh, noting you can get tickets to watch Meyers perform on his one night at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek for as little as $35.