Simon Cowell (© Mario Anzuoni / Reuters/REUTERS)

In an interview with British paper The Sun, Cowell said, “I got a bit too cocky. We got a big wake-up call,” in regards to less- than-stellar ratings for his UK “The X Factor” and “Britian’s Got Talent.”

Cowell notes that his own arrogance played a part, from troubles with his U.K. shows to the U.S. “X Factor,” specifically by “making those massive predictions in America.”

(By “massive predictions,” Cowell means when he told trade publication Hollywood Reporter that anything less than 20 million viewers for “The X Factor” on Fox would be a failure. And, as it turned out, the show did not reach that mark.)

“I did get too arrogant, everyone does,” Cowell admitted. “When you have a very good year like I did in 2010 you get a bit cocky. You think you are great, then you get a bit of a smack.”

“It was the year my ego was put in check,” he added.

So, if it’s really all about Cowell’s arrogance, as he would suggest...does that mean if he’s less cocky next year, the viewers will come back?