”The Good Wife” (DAVID M. RUSSELL/AP)


With some exceptions — a “Big Bang Theory” nod here, a “Good Wife” nom there, the TV academy — like TV critics — generally has little love for the programming on the country’s most popular television network.

This year, CBS has decided to do something about it.

No, not obscenity-laced tweets and blog posts. CBS announced Wednesday that it’s launching the CBS Fan Awards. That will give fans of its shows a chance to vote for their favorite moments of the network’s 2011-12 TV season, which ended in May.

Through July 11, users can go to CBS.com/awards to cast their vote in various categories, including:

Best catchphrase

Best meltdown moment

Best dramatic pause

Most unexpected hookup

Best car chase

Best didn’t-see-that-coming moment

Most shocking cliffhanger

and, our personal fave:

Best use of a corpse

In its announcement, CBS did not say what spoils go to the winners. But, frankly, it does not really matter. In this regard, the CBS Fan Awards are exactly like the Emmys.