“Sons of Anarchy” (Prashant Gupta)

Yes, stationery. The biker gang’s rabid fanbase, which hit 5.5 million in its most recent season, apparently writes a lot of letters.

“There are different audiences buying the products,” Jeffrey Godsick, president of 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, told trade publication Hollywood Reporter in an “exclusive” on the merchandising campaign.

Yes, merchandising deals now merit “exclusives.”

“They range from the show’s fan base to people who just like the counterculture biker attitude, to people who are weekend bikers.”

“SOA” is the creation of Kurt Sutter — the guy who is much loved by The Reporters Who Cover Television for his unfailing enthusiasm for providing colorful, obscenity-laced blog posts and tweets every year on Emmy Nominations Day, by way of protesting how very much he does not care that his show got snubbed. Again.

Speaking thereof, Emmy Nominations/Kurt Sutter Rampage Day is coming right up — July 19!