Poor Simon Cowell. Not only has his singing competition, “The X Factor,” been eclipsed in the ratings this fall by the NBC singing competition “The Voice” — now he also can no longer claim that his show’s $5 million prize is the biggest in TV show history.

It has been eclipsed by Bigfoot.

Spike TV announced Thursday that it has teamed with Lloyd’s of London to offer a $10 million prize to anyone who “can answer the question of whether Bigfoot truly lives.”

It doesn’t. I win!


Spike has ordered 10 one-hour episodes of “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” in an effort, the network says, to “discover the truth about the legendary creature. . .the seemingly mythical being that roams forests of the world, avoiding mankind.

Spike says it already has cast scientists, zoologists, trackers and “actual Bigfoot hunters” who all believe in Bigfoot’s existence.

The teams are tasked with proving to a group of “experts” that the hairy apelike Sasquatch exists with “irrefutable evidence.”

Each episode will follow the teams as they ply their extensive research “and presumed knowledge” of the legendary creature, Spike said.

Although Bigfoot roams the forests of the world, per Spike, the Viacom-owned network said the series would be shot in various locations in this country, ruling out Canadian, Central American, South American and other globe-trotting Bigfoots (Bigfeet?).