Zombies in "The Walking Dead" on AMC (AMC/TWD PRODUCTIONS/AMC)

Specifically, the TV critics, reporters, and bloggers were still in a state of high knicker-knottedness over June’s first-season finale of “The Killing.” Specifically, their undies are still in a bunch because the murder-mystery series wound up the season with a cliffhanger, rather than tying up in a neat little bow the case of murdered Rosie Larsen.

Plus, critics, reporters, and bloggers were in a state of high anxiety over the recent, unexpected departure from the network’s hit zombie series “The Walking Dead” of creator Frank Darabont.

To his credit, AMC’s senior vp of original programming, Joel Stillerman, announced he would take questions on both subjects for 10 minutes, instead of using the usual, “Normally I would love to take your questions, but we’re hear to talk about our new programming” gag favored by cable-network suits at TV Press Tours.

On the other hand, in those 10 minutes, Stillerman had nothing to say.

“The Killing.” (Carole Segal/AMC)

And, of course, to reiterate what AMC suits have already said about the outrage over “The Killing” season finale:

a) “We hear you.”

b)‘If we had to do something differently, we would have taken a different approach with respsect to managing expectations with what was going to happen in the season.”

c)“It was never intentionally meant to mislead people.”

d)“Our goal was to create a brilliant – if I can be so humble – piece of character based storytelling mixed with a genre we all love: the murder mystery.”

e) “You will find out who killed Rosie Larsen in season 2 – definitively.”