GLORIA: IN HER OWN WORDS: Gloria Steinem. (Jenny Warburg/HBO)

Feminist Gloria Steinem, who is the subject of another upcoming HBO documentary, called “Gloria: In Her Own Words,” and who famously worked as a bunny for the Playboy Club to write an article about the bunnies’ labor conditions, was asked Thursday what she thought of NBC’s new “Playboy Club” series, as well as ABC’s 1960s stewardess romp “Pan Am,” and the remake of “Charlie’s Angels.”

“Are they aggrandizing the past in a nostalgic way, or are they really showing the problems of the past in order to show we have come forward? Somehow I think the shows are not doing that,” Steinem said, noting wryly that when times get tough, the “white male response” tends to swing to either sadomasochism — or nostalgia.