Actress Nicollette Sheridan from Hallmark’s "Honeymoon for One" take part in a panel discussion during the Press Tour. (GUS RUELAS/REUTERS)

The days, they’re more interested in finding out if Nicollette Sheridan uses Twitter.

Nonetheless, when Sheridan, who has filed suit against “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry, came to Summer TV Press Tour 2011 to plug her new Hallmark teleflick “Honeymoon for One,” she’d clearly gotten all hopped up for a good fight. She needn’t have bothered.

In “Honeymoon for One,” Sheridan plays an ambitious ad exec who has a fiancé with a roving eye. Heartbroken, she calls off the marriage, but goes on her honeymoon to Ireland anyway, where she meets a handsome Irishman who shows her love, and how to ride a unicorn – oh wait, it’s just a beautiful white horse.

“Hallmark has had some pretty good luck with shooting in Ireland, getting some really good backgrounds,” one critic started to ask the actress. “They’ve got ‘The Cabin’ they shot in Ireland, and they shot –“

“Could you speak English, please?” Sheridan interrupted testily. “I’m having a little difficulty.”

Sheridan, we should note, had started off the Q&A speaking with a bad Irish accent. After that, she reverted back to her “British-born” accent.

Anyway, after letting that critic know who’s who and what’s what with that snide “so hard to understand your American accent” gag, she conceded that Irish countryside “poetry” and “breathtaking.”

The next critic made a “Desperate Housewives” reference, asking her, “was it a lure to play someone nice for a change?”

“Hahaha,” she laughed haughtily, like a princess laughing at the scullery maid who’d just slipped on a banana peel.

“Well!” Obviously you’re not that familiar with my body of work,” Sheridan snapped. She was ready to rumble.

“I HAVE actually played some nice characters,” she sniffed.

The critic began to grovel apologetically:

“Yeah. No. I’m just saying. But most people remember you more recently from ‘Desperate Housewives’.”

“Thank you,” Nicolette responded, patronizingly. “Yes, yes. Absolutely. Part of the allure was definitely what a kind individual Eve was, and her struggle with her immersion in her business world and her lack of paying attention to her needs, her sense of self, and her relationship.”

And that was as close as anyone got to asking her about her “Desperate” lawsuit.

They did, however, wonder whether, when her Hallmark movie airs, how she would use social media to “talk about little things as you’re watching it yourself.”

“You’re stepping into a territory where I’m going to have to admit my ignorance,” Sheridan said.

“You don’t use Twitter?” the blogger asked, incredulously.

Sheridan: “No.”

“Oh. Okay. That’s okay,” the blogger said, condescendingly – evening the score, we think.