Syfy has rescheduled the pulled episode of “Haven” to Jan. 17 at 8 p.m., which will be followed immediately by the show’s season finale at 9.

Fox, which yanked its Sunday animation line-up, will air the new episode of “Family Guy” this Sunday.


While broadcast networks scrambled to beef up their evening newscasts, and re-do their primetimes in the wake of Friday’s elementary school shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead in Connecticut, Syfy pulled Friday night’s episode of its original series, “Haven,” because it had scenes of school violence.

“Tonight’s scheduled 10PM episode of Haven contained scenes of fictitious violence in a high school. In light of today’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, we have decided not to air it,” the network said in a statement on Friday afternoon.

Craig Ferguson, meanwhile, tweeted an apology for what was going to look like a somewhat clunky editing of his traditional opening to his Friday CBS late night broadcast. Ferguson is known to begin every show with ”It’s a great day for America.” Not Friday.

“Terrible news story today. Please forgive edit in tonight’s pretaped show because it’s not such a great day for America,” Ferguson tweeted mid-day Friday.

ABC abandoned Friday’s plans to air Barbara Walters‘ sit-down with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, which had been taped in advance, and will instead air a Diane Sawyer/Chris Cuomo anchored edition of “20/20.” Likewise, NBC dumped some “Dateline” holiday broadcast in favor of a Brian Williams and Lester Holt anchored hour on the mass shooting.

No decision has been made about when the “Haven” episode will be shown, Syfy said.