Joy Behar (Kris Connor/GETTY IMAGES)

Current TV announced Monday Behar, who parted company with CNN late last year, will headline a Monday through Thursday 6 p.m. show on its lineup, starting in September.

To warm up, Behar will guest anchor Eliot Spitzer’s Current TV 8 p.m. ET timeslot, the week of June 18 while Spitzer is on vacation under the show name “Joy Behar: One Week Only *Until the Fall

About 10 years after debuting as one of the founding co-hosts of ABC’s daytime talker “The View,” Behar began guest-anchoring on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” In 2009 she was given her own show on CNN’s HLN network, but that show was ended in mid-December of ’11. Behar’s new, as yet unnamed Current TV show will feature a regular rotating ensemble of journalists, analysts and political satirists discussing the latest headlines, pop culture events and “relevant topics that impact the American zeitgeist, the network said.

Here’s Behar on her HLN show, discussing a blow-up she had with Bill O’Reilly earlier on “The View”: