Tony Lucca on “The Voice” (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Of course, we’re talking about the near-conclusion to the feud that’s been brewing all season between coach/mentor Christina Aguilera and final four contestant Tony Lucca — leading up to what could be a very interesting finale for the singing competition’s second season, which ends on Tuesday.

On Monday’s show, Tony covered Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” with a rocker spin, earning praise from the judges...except Christina, who was not amused. And even though he couldn’t sing the full chorus on broadcast TV— “I’ve got 99 problems, but a [bleep] ain’t one” — she slammed his song choice, calling it “derogatory” towards women, motioning to his wife and daughter in the audience

Naturally, this led to lots of online speculation about what Tony Lucca and his coach, Adam Levine, really meant by their song choice. Even though Adam claimed the [bleep] in the song was really a metaphor for all problems in life, and not necessarily women. Christina did not look convinced.

In case you missed it, the Christina-Tony issues all started back in the post-Super Bowl premiere, when Lucca, a former Mickey Mouse Club member, impressed all four judges enough so they all spun around in their chairs during the blind auditions. Christina, a former MMC member herself, had no idea who he was, and Tony chose Team Adam.

When Christina realized she was supposed to know Tony (read: a producer told her), she ran backstage to find him and semi-apologize. “I didn’t even are you?! No hard feelings...” she trailed off.

Anyway, Tony’s made it all the way to the finals, and Christina has seemed none-too-happy about his progression. No one quite knows why. In an interiew with the Hollywood Reporter, Tony offered, “It seems she’s harboring some legitimate and hardcore resentment...I don’t know if what we’re seeing now is about a backlash for not picking her or maybe something older and deeper-[seated]. I don’t know. It’s weird.”

So after weeks of harsh critiques — she seemed particularly ticked off that Tony’s famous friends, like former MMC member Justin Timberlake, has been tweeting his support — we’ll see Tuesday if Tony is crowed the winner.

Here’s video of Tony’s “99 Problems” and Christina’s critique: