Pip — yes, just Pip. (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Biggest fight between the judges

It doesn’t happen often, but all four judges — Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton — turn their giant swivel chairs around for Pip, 19, who goes by Pip. Before he auditions, Pip says that people don’t take him seriously — not only because he’s wearing a bow tie and suspenders, but because he looks so young. Luckily for Pip, he does a soulful rendition of “ The House of the Rising Sun,” and every judge wants him.

Blake says that he needs more guys on his team, while Christina cuts in to say she’ll give Pip time and attention. “When she wakes up before noon she has time!” quips Blake, prompting Christina to shoot back that she’s a mom, so she’s always up early. As they bicker, Adam tries to convince Pip to choose his team, but Christina points out, “I did have success before Maroon 5 came along.” Burn! That’s actually is a pretty good zinger. Eventually, though, Pip goes with Adam, because he hit the button first.

Local contestant with a tragic backstory

Erin Willet (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Erin has tons of personality and a very strong voice as she sings “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5, and Christina looks like she’s considering turning around...but doesn’t press the button. However, Blake does, and the crowd goes crazy.

Contestant with the most extensive Wikipedia page

Remember “Rock Star: INXS,” the 2005 singing competition on CBS where the winner got to be the new INXS lead singer? No? Well, 29-year-old Jordis Unga was a contestant, and did pretty well on the show, which might explain why she’s here. (It also probably helps that Mark Burnett, producer of “The Voice,” also created that show.) Anyway, Jordis belts out Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed,” and all the judges turn around except Adam, causing him to say sadly, “I’m the [expletive] who didn’t pick you.” Blake eventually woos her by telling her that she has the kind of voice that makes him wants to be a better singer.

The Egyptian warrior princess

Erin Martin, 27, was a model, and is tired of people judging her only on her looks. (Cue sad violin music.) She has donned an impressive up-do and sparkly headband for the occasion, and deems herself dressed as an “Egyptian warrior princess.”

Cee Lo Green, Erin Martin (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Middle-age contestant with the stellar voice

Geoff McBride, 51, does not wear sunglasses all the time to look cool — as he tells us, he had a boxing injury when he was young and “caught a thumb to his eye.” (Try getting that image out of your head.) Anyway, he has a lovely voice as he croons Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground,” causing a brief battle between Cee Lo and Christina.

Geoff McBride (Lewis Jacobs/LNBC)

Among some of the other lucky singers who made it through:

* We weren’t allowed to see Sarah Golden, 27, until the judges did, as the producers kept her face hidden as she told her story — record label execs have said they would sign her, but only if she changed her look. So what are the producers hiding from us? Nothing too exciting — she’s a folk singer with very short hair. But her rendition of “You and I” by Lady Gaga impresses the judges, and she chooses Cee Lo.

Sarah Golden (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

James Massone (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

* Chris Cauley, 27, shows an adorable video of his late grandmother singing — she was a bluegrass musician, and inspired him to pursue music. Chris goes with “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, and manages to stay impressively on-key for the whole song. Cee Lo and Adam turn around, and Chris jokes that they should arm wrestle. It’s not the worst idea we’ve heard on this show. Sadly, no arm wrestling takes place — and Chris chooses Adam.