Tori Spelling (Astrid Stawiarz/GETTY IMAGES)

Each episode of “Craft Wars” will pit three “everyday” enthusiasts against each other in two rounds of challenges encompassing different genres of crafting expertise, TLC said in Thursday’s announcement.

But Martha Stewart will not be hosting. The new reigning queen of do-it-yourself strung beads and glue guns is Tori Spelling, in her latest image re-do.

The daughter of late Hollywood billionaire Aaron Spelling, former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star, reality docu-soap diva, bed & breakfast operator, obsessive autobiographical book writer, and professional wedding planner, will host and executive produce the new series.

Tori, it seems, is a lifelong crafter. She recently launched her own line of craft products, The Tori Spelling Collection.

“I love how crafting gives you the opportunity to really express yourself and show your creativity,” Tori said in Thursday’s announcement. “It’s an amazing outlet…nothing shows love more than homemade.”

Well, we can think of a couple things, that all start with “Cartier,” but we’ll let that go.

Besides, TLC points out, the craft industry in this country is nearly $30 billion strong.

And not coincidentally, she showcases her crafting skills in her upcoming party-planning book, “CelebraTORI,” which will drop next week. She also is about to launch her new DIY jewelry line “Styled by Tori Spelling,” which, TLC explains, combines her love for designing jewelry and crafting.