Sarah Palin gave NBC’s lamestream “Today” an extra advantage against Katie Couric on Katei’s econd day co-anchoring “Good Morning America,” early stats indicate.

“Today” outstripped “GMA” by 357,000 viewers on Tuesday, compared to its 333,000 viewer advantage on Monday, early ratings show.

Palin guest-hosted ‘Today” on Tuesday — or, as she put it, went rogue and infiltrated some turf. Couric, meanwhile, infiltrated Madame Tussauds in Times Square on Tuesday’s show.

Female teens really took to Tuesday’s “Today” — that crowd was up 174 percent compared to Monday’s show, though it was unclear if they tuned in for Palin or Ryan Seacrest — teen chicks love Seacrest-hosted and Seacrest-produced shows, like "American Idol,” all those Kardashian shows on E!, etc. Seacrest was supposed to have made a “big NBC announcement” that day. Seacrest bailed, because, he Tweeted, his doctor wanted him to stick around L.A. after elbow surgery, though it wasn’t like he was going to fly the plane. And he showed up at ”Today’s” Rockefeller Center digs the very next morning — maybe “elbow surgery” is the new Hollywood-speak for “Not going to be second billing to Palin.”

Anyway, you know who really did not want to see Sarah Palin co-host ”Today”?

Teen guys.

Monday’s broadcast had only attracted 45,000 of them — morning infotainment shows aren’t exactly teen-guy magnets to start with — but that number plunged to 30,000 on Tuesday.