Guiness World Records 2011. (GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS)

The network has ordered a pilot for a new reality series called “Guinness World Records Gone Wild” — or, as we prefer to call it, “Thinning the Herd.”

In this show, everyday slobs like you and me will be offered a shot at landing a place in the famous record book by breaking some records that truTV suits would like to see broken. And being the pranksters they are, the records that truTV suits would most like to see broken include:

●Most panes of glass run through in one minute.

●Fastest time to jump over three oncoming cars.

●Highest dive into 12 inches of water.

●Most kicks to the head in one minute.

●Most live cockroaches held in the mouth.

●And, more mundanely: most people crammed into a tiny car.