Ciaran Hinds (Stuart Wilson/GETTY IMAGES)

Lucky, lucky Sigourney Weaver. She’ll get to play opposite Ciaran Hinds, who has been cast as her philandering ex- husband, the one who’s still carrying a torch for her — oh, and he’s also former President of the United States — in USA network’s upcoming drama “Political Animals.”

The six-episode Washington-set series from exec producers Greg Berlanti (“Dirty Sexy Money”) and Laurence Mark (“Jerry Maguire”) stars Weaver as Elaine Barrish, the former First Lady, who is now Secretary of State after losing a bid to become POTUS herself.

No, it’s fiction, the network insists.

Hinds has been cast as Bud Hammond, her charismatic ex-president ex-husband. USA describes Bud thusly: “A gifted politician who was once loved by the American public, Bud has struggled since his divorce from Elaine, and his out-of-office antics have caused a tumble in his popularity.”

“President Bud Hammond is still as much in love with his ex-wife as the office he once held and is eager to take on the role of elder statesman if Elaine calls on him,” USA continues.

Nope — still fiction, USA says.

“Political Animals” will debut some time this summer.

Hinds is maybe best known in this country as Aberforth Dumbledore from the Harry Potter flicks — gak. And, TV-wise, he’s probably best known as Gaius Julius Caesar in HBO’s toga-drama “Rome.”

But, do yourself a favor and catch him in the old BBC/PBS adaptation of Jane Austen’s least-well-known novel “Persuasion,” and in the recent film “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.”