Whitney Houston (Dan Steinberg/AP)

 The show, which Lifetime first announced last May, will star the singer’s sister-in-law/manager Pat Houston, as she tries her best to help Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina deal with having a microscopic lens focused on her every move and yet grow and experience life “unscathed.”

  In a reality TV series.

 Where people go to experience life unscathed.

Pop singer Houston died in February at the Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

The new reality series has undergone a few changes since it was first announced back in May.

 Originally the network said it would be 10 episodes long. Now, it’s 14 half hour episodes.

 And, back then it was called “The Houston Family Chronicles.”

 Now it’s called “The Houstons: On Our Own.”

 Also new: Lifetime announced that, in advance of the series launch, it will telecast a one-hour special, “Remembering Whitney” on Oct. 17 at 9, featuring “never-before-seen footage of Whitney, including interviews with the pop music icon.

 The special also will include some of Whitney’s private home videos.

 Not exploitation, remember — celebration.

 Also in the special: family photos, as well as “candid insights from family members” — all of whom star in the reality series.