Louis C.K. (Eric Leibowitz/FX)

“It would be false for me to [host the Golden Globe Awards],” comic Louis C.K. said at Winter TV Press Tour 2012 in Pasadena.

“I’d have to go see everything and pretend I give a s--- and I don’t.”

C.K., who’d come to the tour to talk about his FX series “Louie,” admitted he’s never actually seen the Globes.

“Ricky’s a dear friend of mine. He’s one of the funniest guys I know. But the jokes about current movie stars and… celebrities, that kind of humor is —I did that for a long time. I worked for late night TV. I wrote for Chris Rock, and Conan, and Letterman, and you had to know who every celebrity was, ever ne’er do well, and you had to have this deep knowledge of what America’s looking at. And it made me really sick.”