James Van Der Beek, Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker star in “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.” (Rick Rowell/ABC)

“I was lucky that four of them were not actor and two of them didn’t speak English,” the former “Dawson’s Creek” heartthrob said Tuesday at the tour, in Pasadena.

“When you pitched that you were arm wrestling Kevin Sorbo in a Canadian production of Shakespeare in the pilot, like, that’s when it was, like — solid!” “Apt. 23” creator Nahnatchka Khan noted to Van Der Beek.

The new series is about a naïve Midwesterner (the only kind of Midwesterner known to Hollywood) who moves into a New York apartment with the lovechild of Holly Golightly and a pirate, whose name is Chloe and whose BFF is Van Der Beek.

“Every once in a while I come back home to my daughter, and I say, ‘Sorry what I’m doing to the family name, kiddo’,” VDBeek said.

Critics wanted to know when Van Der Beek thought enough time had gone by after “Dawson’s Creek” that he could do a show in which it was interspoofed.

“I think once the residual money ran out,” he said.

He got asked if he still hangs out with his “Dawson’s” cast members.

I run into a number of them from time to time,” he answered tentatively. “You know, it’s like somebody you went to high school with. I think, as the years go on, the spans of time when you see each other kind of gets longer and longer. But you always have that experience.”

“Are you allowed to see Katie Holmes?” one critic wondered. (Holmes is married to Tom Cruise.)

“She’s going to be guesting on our show — just in a black shroud,” Khan said.

The creators went back and forth with the ABC Decency Police about the title of the new comedy. Khan said she didn’t mind getting saddled with “B----”, but she put her foot down at “Apartment 23.”

“When it was shortened all the way to ‘Apartment 23’ and lost that sort of the “Don’t Trust the” part is what I felt strongly about. Because, to me, that implies there’s something dangerous happening here, something a little bit different. And that’s what we wanted to maintain with the title – so I’m happy about it.”