Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (Matt Sayles/AP)

If you want a get a mob of TV critics really worked up, schedule a 7:30 a.m. breakfast Q&A with America’s Most Famous Nastily Divorcing Pop Stars on the 11th consecutive day of their confinement at a conference hotel in Pasadena, California. Then start the clambake about 30 minutes late. And — this part’s critical— instead of letting critics have at AMFNDPS — filibuster!

TV critics who’d crawled out of bed for the 7:30 a.m. Q&A first had to sit through a panel discussion of Univision’s new fat-farm reality series. Then, when the Q&A with JLo and Anthony finally began, a Univision moderator began to “question” them, until one veteran TV critic shouted at the woman to put a sock in it.

After which, critics only got to put two questions to the couple, who announced last summer they were ending their seven-year marriage, before a sparkly pink eczema of super-hot dancers erupted on a makeshift dance floor in the room.

This went over — as Deadline correspondent Ray Richmond noted in conversation afterward — like a striptease at the Vatican.

Furious critics could not demonstrate their anger by storming out. Clever, clever Univision had erected the dance floor in front of the exit doors. And, as soon the dancers called it quits, the network hustled JLo and Anthony off stage — while the Adele break-up anthem “Rolling in the Deep” played in the room.

It wasn’t until they were leaving that a critic finally shouted at Lopez and Anthony, whose divorce has kept TMZ in copy for weeks, a question about working together. Lopez began to recite: “It’s the same as any other time we’ve worked together blah, blah, blah…”

And then, they were gone.