"The Talk” is launching its own book club. (MONTY BRINTON/CBS)

The CBS gabber “The Talk,” for instance, announced Tuesday that on Nov. 11, it would launch a new “Book Buzz” series, featuring a regular discussion of “thought-provoking books,” a la Oprah’s book club.

Oprah’s book club was so successful that it put moribund books on the bestseller list and made rock stars out of authors.

First up for “Book Buzz”: Iris Krasnow’s “The Secret Lives of Wives: Women Share What It Really Takes to Stay Married.”

This little gem features interviews that Krasnow conducted with more than 200 women whose marriages had lasted from 15 to 70 years. Krasnow discovered, “The Talk” said, that all the women had taken “bold — sometimes surprising — steps to maintain their marriages.”

One month before on-air discussion of the book, “Talk” hosts will announce the Book Buzz selection so viewers can read up and be prepared to join the conversation. Readers can share their thoughts on Twitter or Facebook — and during the show, of course, if they’re lucky enough to be in the audience and if Sharon Osbourne doesn’t fill all the available air time with useful tips on the bold steps she’s taken to maintain her they-said-it-wouldn’t-last marriage to Ozzy.