Patricia Heaton, left, and Atticus Shaffer are shown in a scene from "The Middle.” (Richard Foreman/AP)

 WJLA will pre-empt the network comedy in order to run a special looking at some of the station’s “most successful investigations over the course of the last several months,” Channel 7 announced Tuesday.

 The “Seven On Your Side” special will include reports the station says resulted in putting a pedophile in jail, and made a 62-year old woman’s dying wish come true.

 Yes, it appears Channel 7 is preempting a repeat, in order to air some repeats of its own.

 The special also will offer tips to viewers about steering clear of dangers in the community, such as internet fraud, the Allbritton-owned ABC affiliate said Tuesday.

 This, instead of “The Middle” episode called “The Paper Route,” in which Brick takes a job as a newspaper delivery boy from the town's veteran newsman (played by Ed Asner) in order to buy night-vision goggles, Axl tries to convince Sue that a long distance relationship will not work between her and boyfriend Matt when his family moves from Orson, Sue tries to adjust to wearing a full-on headgear, and Frankie discovers Mike has been secretly hoarding batteries for years.

“WJLA-TV has always been the place to turn for people with problems they can’t seem to get solved,” station general manager Bill Lord of the programming switch.