Investigative reporter Tisha Thompson with her husband to the left, Blair Anderson, at a fundraiser. (Rebecca D'Angelo/FTWP)

Thompson, whose first day at WRC is Monday, joins the channel from our local Fox station, WTTG, where she spent four years as the lead reporter for its I unit.

Thompson’s mother, Lea Thompson, spent more than 20 years at the NBC-owned WRC, as a news anchor, co-leader of the investigative unit, and consumer reporter, before becoming the chief consumer correspondent for NBC network’s newsmag “Dateline.”

Meanwhile, WRC, which hasn’t had an investigative unit in years, also plans to hire a photographer who will be dedicated to that unit, a station rep acknowledged Monday.

Joining WRC reunites Thompson with her former producer, Rick Yarborough, who moved to the station last month as Senior Investigative Platform Manager.

While at WTTG, Tisha and Rick teamed up to produce reports on the use of take-home vehicles by Fairfax County employees that resulted in a county-wide audit, and on security flaws involving metal detectors at Washington government buildings, among other reports, WRC noted.

“She is the perfect person to help us revitalize our investigative unit,” WRC’s news vp Camille Edwards said in Monday’s announcement.