The Virginia General Assembly introduced 2,875 bills during the 60-day legislative session. Nearly 1,600 passed. Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) has already signed 209 into law.



HB83/SB544: Require that information about breast density be sent to women along with the results of their mammograms. McDonnell signed the bill.

HB1106: Provides insurance coverage for families with autistic children, ages 2 to 6. McDonnell signed the bill.


HB1112: Would have repealed a requirement that schoolgirls be immunized against a virus linked to cervical cancer before entering the sixth grade.

HB357 /SB496 : Would have created a health-benefits exchange for the purpose of providing insurance under the new federal health-care law.



HB462: Requires women to undergo ultrasounds before they have abortions. McDonnell signed the bill.


SB637/HB1285: Would have prohibited women from having an abortion beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy.

HB1: Would have given rights to fertilized eggs.

HB62: Would have prevented low-income women whose fetuses have gross mental and physical abnormalities from using state funds for abortions.



HB736: Moves the primary date from June 12 to Aug. 7 if the state’s congressional redistricting plan is not approved by the U.S. Department of Justice by April 3.

HB9 /SB1: Require voters who show up at the polls without identification to vote provisionally and to provide ID within six days for their ballot to be counted. Also greatly expands acceptable identification to include such things as student IDs, government checks and utility bills.


HB1132: Would have allowed voters to write in names on primary ballots.

HB55: Would have changed the date of the primary for federal offices to the day of the presidential primary every four years.

SB62: Would have allowed voters to register by political party.

HB1133: Would have eased requirements for candidates trying to get onto the ballot.



HB940/SB323: Repeal the state’s one-per-month limit on handgun purchases. McDonnell already signed into law.

HB754/SB67: Strip localities of the right to require fingerprints from people seeking concealed handgun permits.

HB375 : Allows local government employees to store guns and ammunition in private cars parked at their workplaces.


HB 1052: Would have allowed firearms in non-secured areas of airport terminals.

HB91/SB324: Would have allowed faculty at public universities to carry concealed handguns on campus,and would have prevented public universities from banning weapons on campus.

HB48: Would have granted civil immunity to someone who shoots an intruder under the so-called castle doctrine.

HB369/SB464: Would have allowed hunting on private land on Sundays.



SB378/HB279: Require all convicted drunken drivers to have an ignition interlock device, forcing them to pass a breath test before their cars can start. McDonnell signed the bill.

HB973 /SB436: Impose a mandatory minimum life sentence on adults who rape a child younger than 13.

HB3 /HB970 /HB1237: Spell out who is required to report suspected child abuse, would reduce the deadline to report and would increase the punishment for those who do not — changes inspired by the child sexual-abuse scandal last year at Penn State University.


HB1060: Would have allowed officers to ascertain citizenship of those arrested.

HB389: Would have expanded the death penalty beyond the so-called triggerman to those who act as accessories to capital murder.

HB968: Would impose tougher penalties for drug trafficking, with a mandatory minimum three-year sentence for a second drug conviction and a mandatory minimum 10-year term for third and subsequent offenses.



HB1245 /SB237 : Allow McDonnell to seat appointees to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board, the agency that operates Reagan National and Dulles International airports and is managing construction of the $6 billion Metrorail expansion to Loudoun County.

HB805: Allows vehicle owners to simply drive past on-road remote sensors, instead of visiting a testing station, to get emissions tests.

HB1248: McDonnell’s omnibus transportation bill that includes selling the naming rights to roads and bridges, but lawmakers stripped any funding for other initiatives.



HB1107 /SB656: Requires school boards to establish policies for keeping epinephrine pens on hand at every school, so that a school nurse or employee could administer it to a student having an anaphylactic reaction.

HB321: Provides tax credits to individuals and businesses donating private-school tuition money to low- and middle-income students.


HB1063 /SB457: Would have repealed the “Kings Dominion law” that set the first day of school after Labor Day.

HB947: Would have allowed home-schooled students to play sports at their local high schools.

SB167 /HB656: Would have required schools to promptly notify parents if a student is suspected of wrongdoing that could result in suspension, expulsion or notification of law enforcement.

SB438/HB576: Would have eliminated tenure-style protections for teachers.



HB5/SB240: Call for a voter referendum on amending the Virginia Constitution to make it harder for government to seize private property under eminent domain.

SB455/HB251: Draw new lines for the state’s 11 congressional districts. McDonnell signed the bill.

HB189 /SB349: Allow private adoption agencies to turn away parents based on religious and moral beliefs.

SB597: Closes the so-called Amazon loophole by requiring that online retailers with a physical presence in the state collect and pay sales tax on purchases made by Virginians.

HB523: Requires insurance companies that exclude coverage for earthquake damage to provide written notice of that and notify property owners that the insurance may be available for additional cost.

HB1130/SB498: Create a new retirement benefit program for state employees that is a hybrid of the traditional, defined-benefit plan and a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan.

HB33/SB242 : Prohibit the use of mandatory project labor agreements for state-funded projects in Virginia.


SJ93/HJ126: Would have required the state to study ways to limit the use of solitary confinement in state prisons, especially for those who are mentally ill.

HB160: Would have increased taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products.

HJR14o: Would have studied how much money the state could reap if it legalized marijuana and sold it in the more than 300 Virginia liquor stores.

HB73/SB6: Would have required that participants in the Welfare-to-Work program submit to drug testing.

HB1228: Could have given raises to members of the General Assembly for the first time in 21 years by linking their pay to any increases given to state employees.

SB41: Provides Thomas Haynesworth, who spent 27 years behind bars for rapes he did not commit, nearly $1.1 million in compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

HB1291: McDonnell’s plan for overhauling state government, which eliminates state agencies and commissions, and deregulating professions.