Alexandria City Council member Alicia Hughes isn’t running for reelection anytime soon, but her semi-annual campaign finance report is costing her money and effort.

Hughes, who was elected to the three-year council term in May 2009, has paid $1,500 in fines over the required report, which local elections administrator Eric Spicer said was filed five days past the July 15 due date and had minor errors in math, as well as in the way certain expenses were reported. Since an amended report has not yet been filed, Spicer said, Hughes may be facing another fine, although it’s up to the elections board to impose it.

Hughes, reached at a New Orleans conference Friday, said she actually filed the July 15 report on time, electronically, but that elections officials did not receive it. She added that she had a difference of opinion with them over how certain expenses should be reported. Hughes, who works for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and who is a lawyer, said she is consulting with an attorney before deciding whether or how to file an amended report.

“The information, as disclosed, is correct,” she said. “All the information has been disclosed.”