Timothy M. Kaine’s (D) Senate campaign is going on the air with a radio ad featuring a testimonial from a prominent, though slightly biased, Virginian — his wife.

In the new spot, titled “Family Issues,” Anne Holton says her husband “appreciates strong women.” After relating a bit of Kaine’s personal background and praising his record as governor, Holton says he “has a plan to invest in education and job training. With our daughter following our boys to college soon, that’s important to us. It’s why Tim supports equal pay and family leave and believes government should stay out of women’s health decisions. These aren’t women’s issues, they’re family issues.”

Though Kaine has run several campaigns for other offices, Holton has never before recorded an ad for her husband because her past work as a juvenile court judge in Richmond prohibited her from such political activity.

Kaine, who attended a Planned Parenthood rally in Arlington on Sunday, is seeking to widen the gender gap between himself and his Republican foe, fellow former governor George Allen. A Washington Post poll released in May showed Kaine leading among women by 7 points, and Allen has released multiple ads featuring testimonials from women who know him well.

Responding to the radio ad, Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis said that Kaine “is again trying to divert attention from his record of supporting failed Washington policies. Women are telling George and Susan Allen on the campaign trail how their businesses and families have been hurt by lost jobs, high gas and electricity prices, rising health-care costs and unaffordable education. Virginia women have seen firsthand the devastating effects of the failed Obama-Kaine economic policies.”

Kaine is also looking to sway Latino voters. Last week, he released Spanish-language radio and TV ads, in which he speaks of his time as a missionary in Honduras and his work as governor with the Hispanic community.