Appalachian Power began airing a TV ad Tuesday in the Roanoke area to fight back against what the company called unfair attacks during the election.

The ad, titled “Setting the Record Straight in Virginia,” never mentions House Minority Leader Ward L.Armstrong. It didn’t have to.

In the most expensive House race, Armstrong (D-Henry) attacked the company relentlessly. Days before the election, the company sent a letter to shareholders doing the same to him.

“No one is happier about the end of the campaign season than those of us who work at Appalachian Power,” one worker says in the ad.

“We weren’t on the ballot, but we were dragged into the campaign,” another says.

“Most of what you heard about us was simply wrong,” a third says.

Armstrong lost to Del. Charles D. Poindexter (R-Franklin) after Republicans eliminated Armstrong’s largely rural Southside district when they redrew legislative maps in the spring.

See the ad here and other information from the company about rate increases here.