It’s tough being a Republican in Arlington County, where Democrats dominate the electorate. But fund-raising may be harder still, since the county Republicans reported Wednesday that they raised only $4 in the first 28 days of September.

“We have three or four big events a year, so [fund-raising] is uneven,” said county GOP chairman Mark Kelly. “We’ve got about $10,000 in reserves. We’re in good shape through the election.”

Still, the news that so little came into the coffers elicited nervous laughter at the committee’s meeting, according to the Sun-Gazette’s Scott McCaffrey, who first reported this. An Oct. 14 fund-raiser featuring former governor and senator George Allen is planned to help erase the financial deficit that has been building since January.

“Please show up. We need the money,” treasurer Robert Atkins reportedly pleaded.

In an interview Thursday with the Post, Kelly said the party is focused on the three state senate races where it is fielding candidates.

“We feel pretty good about the candidates and campaigns,” he said. “We have a lot of work left to do, a lot of the territory is tough. Our job is to maximize the Arlington vote and we’re feeling good about that.”