As President Obama travels to Virginia Tuesday, his opponents are airing TV ads in the state to counter his efforts to sell what they are calling a second stimulus plan.

American Crossroads, a nonprofit 527 political organization, began airing the ad, “Don’t,” started Sunday. It will run through Tuesday in Newport News, Roanoke and Charlottesville.

Obama began a three-day bus tour Monday in North Carolina and will continue Tuesday and Wednesday to Virginia -- two critical swing states he carried in 2008 — as he looks to sell his jobs plan.

He will speak at a high school in Emporia on Tuesday and Langley Air Force base in Hampton and a fire station in Chesterfield County outside Richmond Wednesday. He will be joined by First Lady Michelle Obama in Hampton.

The ad follows similar efforts by the group in Missouri, Florida and Pennsylvania.

“The president’s new jobs bill is based on the old ideas behind the first failed stimulus — only this time it’s tied to a massive tax hike,” said Nate Hodson, the group’s director of state and regional media relations.