The Alexandria City Council will appoint Bruce Johnson as interim city manager on May 2.

Alexandria’s acting City Manager Bruce Johnson will be appointed by the City Council on May 2.

Hartmann announced his resignation in January. After six years as Alexandria’s city manager, Hartmann will take a county manager position in Seminole County, Fla., in June.

“While Bruce is not a candidate for the permanent city manager position, he is the perfect choice to lead our city government operations during this transition,” said Mayor William D. Euille (D) in a statement. “It was City Council’s desire to appoint an acting city manager who was not going to be a candidate for the full-time position.”

Originally hired as director of the city’s Office of Management and Budget, Johnson, 60, has worked for Alexandria for eight years. He previously worked for the federal government for 27 years, achieving his highest position as the budget director for the U.S. Courts. He also was a staff member in U.S. Office of Management and Budget and U.S. General Accounting Officer, among other departments. Johnson holds a law and master’s degree from Duke University. He completed his undergraduate work at Harvard University.

Johnson and his wife, Libby Eife-Johnson, have lived in Alexandria for 30 years, and raised three children.

“My role will be to ensure that the city continues to move forward, address important issues and perform critical services for the public,” said Johnson in a statement. “We will build on improvements that Jim initiated during his time here and provide a smooth transition to a new city manager when council finishes making its choice,” he said.

The City Council officially hired a headhunting firm this month to permanently fill the position. The selection process is scheduled to end September 30.