House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who has been portrayed as the poster boy for GOP inflexibility in Washington, supposedly sat down with ‘60 Minutes’ on Sunday to show a softer side.

We saw his house in suburban Richmond. We heard his teenage son call his dad “cool.” We learned that he likes rap.

Those who don’t know him well may have also learned that his wife, Diana Cantor, chairwoman of the Virginia Retirement System, is a Democrat who supports abortion rights and gay marriage.

But the part of the interview that has caught the most attention was when his press secretary, Brad Dayspring, who was off camera, angrily interrupted Lesley Stahl to say that she was wrong about Ronald Reagan raising taxes.

“There seemed to be some difficulty accepting the fact that even though Ronald Reagan cut taxes, he also pushed through several tax increases,” Stahl said to Cantor.

Interestingly, CBS Corp.’s political action committee gave its first-ever contribution — $2,500 — to Cantor’s political action committee, Every Republican is Crucial, after ‘60 Minutes’ announced that it would interview him.

Check out the full interview below: