U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) sent a letter to Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), commending him “for not taking any option off the table, including new revenue,” as lawmakers in Washington continue their debt talks.

Connolly, who represents Northern Virginia, was responding to a letter McDonnell sent Wednesday to President Obama and Virginia’s congressional delegation, urging immediate bipartisan action after learning Moody’s may downgrade the state’s AAA bond rating.

“I share the sense of urgency expressed in your letter to the President and the recognition that we must address the federal debt ceiling and restore fiscal responsibility in a bipartisan fashion,’’ Connolly said. “I appreciate you acknowledging that the actions of both parties helped create the untenable situation in which we now find ourselves and that Republican and Democratic administrations have increased the debt ceiling to ensure the country continues to meet its financial obligations.”

McDonnell was criticized by a pair of conservative GOP state Senate candidates this week for saying that Republican members of Congress should “compromise.’’ The candidates perceived that as raising taxes, though McDonnell never said he would support that.

Connolly, however, praised him for those words.

“It is that notion of shared sacrifice, and shared commitment, which embodies the spirit of our commonwealth,” he wrote. “I welcome you to weigh in with the leaders in both chambers of Congress, including our fellow Virginians, to urge them to proceed in that same manner.”