Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.) said Friday that “enough is enough” — March 17 must become a federal holiday.

“St. Patrick’s Day is the Holiest Day of the Year for me and thousands of fellow Irish-Americans,” Connolly said in a statement released by his office. “The idea that we’re all supposed to go to work and act as if it’s any other day is patently unfair.”

Since St. Patrick’s Day fell two weeks ago, why is Connolly making this declaration now? Perhaps because today is another important but unofficial holiday — April Fool’s Day.

The first clue that Connolly might not be completely serious in his proposal comes further down in the press release.

“Steny Hoyer is not Irish, but he has told me privately he wishes he was. I’m sure we can get him to support this bill,” Connolly said, referring to the Maryland Democrat and House Minority Whip.

Hoyer is, in fact, a proud Danish-American. As of this writing, Hoyer had not proposed a federal holiday to honor Denmark. But it’s not even noon yet, so there’s still time.