The American Conservative Union, which grades members of Congress based on the conservativeness of their voting records, has turned its attention to the Virginia General Assembly. And the report cards are in.

The group, which bills itself as “the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization,” divides Virginia lawmakers into three categories: “Defenders of Liberty,” who are deemed to have flawlessly conservative voting records; “ACU Conservatives,” who got scores of 80 percent or better; and “True Liberals of The Old Dominion,” who rated zero.

I’m only going to name the alleged “True Liberals” because, say what you will about purportedly purple Virginia, the other lists are waaay longer. Presumably some of the lawmakers will take issue with the rating, while others will wear it as a badge of honor.

The senators labeled “True Liberals” by the group are: George Barker; Mamie Locke; Louise Lucas; Henry L. Marsh III; A. Donald McEachin; Yvonne B. Miller; Toddy Puller; Patricia S. Ticer; and Mary Margaret Whipple. The delegates are: Betsy B. Carr; Adam P. Ebbin; David L. Englin; Charniele L. Herring; Patrick A. Hope, Kaye Kory; Kenneth R. Plum, and Scott A. Surovell.

You can see the full ACU list here .

“Just as we hold every member of Congress accountable for his or her voting record on the most important issues facing our nation, the ACU will ensure voters in Virginia have access to the latest information on their state representatives’ conservative credentials,” ACU Chairman Al Cardenas said in a prepared statement announcing the ratings.

The group recently announced that it was expanding its ratings program to state-level lawmakers in five states: Virginia, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio. It plans to add more states in coming years.