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An outside group targeting U.S. Senate hopeful Tim Kaine (D) released a new TV ad in Virginia on Tuesday.

The ad by Crossroads GPS encourages viewers to support the “New Majority Agenda,” a plan to reduce the national debt and boost the economy.

The $1.1 million ad buy is part of an ongoing effort by the group. The ads started Tuesday and will run for 10 days on broadcast and cable networks in Virginia. 

 “We’re keeping the pressure on Tim Kaine to stop supporting President Obama’s massive spending which has maxed-out our credit cards,” Crossroads spokesman Nate Hodson said.  “This spot encourages citizens to push for the practical solutions found in the New Majority Agenda.”

Kaine’s campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

Update, 3:45 p.m.:  “George Allen and his allies haven’t met a partisan battle they didn’t want to rehash, and the Recovery Act is no different,” Kaine spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said. “Independent economists, analysts, and even Virginia’s Republican Governor have admitted the Recovery Act saved or created millions of jobs and helped balance Virginia’s budget. This ad and George Allen’s constant harping on a policy that even his own party admits helped families and businesses is exactly the type of hyper-partisanship voters are tired of in Washington.”