The conservative group Crossroads GPS continued its onslaught against Timothy M. Kaine Tuesday, unveiling three new television ads attacking the Virginia Democratic Senate candidate.

Crossroads has already poured millions of dollars into Virginia, seeking to weaken Kaine in his contest against fellow former governor George Allen (R), and the group said its new ads would run for a week at a total cost of $1 million.

One ad, “Questionable,” focuses on Kaine’s support for the spending deal that created the “supercommittee” and is now scheduled to trigger large defense cuts unless Congress and the White House strike an agreement to prevent them. Most Republican leaders and Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell (R) also supported the deal, which has become a prominent issue in the Senate race.

“Tim Kaine supported a Washington budget deal that would devastate America’s defense and Virginia jobs,” the narrator says, while also reminding viewers of Kaine’s support for the economic stimulus package. The ad concludes: “Tim Kaine — questionable judgement.”

Another ad, titled “Teeth,” attacks Kaine for proposing cuts to education funding in his final budget as Virginia governor. “Tim Kaine’s plan: Education cuts, tax hikes, the wrong priorities for Virginia,” the narrator says. (Two nearly identical versions of “Teeth” are running in different parts of the state.)

Rather than engage in a point-by-point rebuttal of the ads, as it typically does, the Kaine campaign criticized Crossroads for releasing them on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

“Both presidential campaigns rightly suspended negative ads today,” Kaine said in a campaign statement. “It is a sad reflection of the divisiveness of our politics that outside groups like Crossroads GPS cannot set aside false partisan attacks even as our elected officials and citizens of all walks of life, political parties, and religious faiths join together to honor the dead, thank our first responders and service members, and celebrate the freedoms we enjoy as a nation.”

The Kaine campaign said it would release “fact checks debunking these misleading ads” on Wednesday.