The conservative group Crossroads GPS isn’t letting up on Timothy M. Kaine, launching yet another ad against the Virginia Senate candidate on the subject of defense cuts.

Crossroads GPS and the related American Crossroads have already spent more than $10 million on the race between Kaine (D) and fellow former governor George Allen (R), and the latest spot repeats many themes they and other pro-Allen groups have struck before.

The ad focuses on the defense cuts that are “looming” in January unless Congress and the White House strike a deal to avert them. The cuts are scheduled to happen because the two parties couldn’t strike a deficit reduction deal last year.

“Tim Kaine supported the Washington budget deal, a deal that could destroy over 500,000 jobs in the defense industry,” the ad’s narrator says, later concluding: “Tim Kaine didn’t put Virginia first, so, Virginia, don’t put Tim Kaine in the Senate.”

The deal that put the “sequester” in place has been a major issue in the Kaine-Allen contest. Kaine backed the agreement originally — as did nearly every Republican leader and Gov. Robert McDonnell (R) — but wants the two parties to reach a deal to avert the cuts. Kaine has also criticized the idea that the Pentagon would simply make across-the-board reductions rather than being selective about where to cut.

Allen’s strategy for averting the cuts, which he repeated during Monday’s debate in Richmond, involves making cuts in other areas, increasing energy exploration and spurring economic growth. Democrats say the plan is too vague to be credible, and that Allen is the one who’s been fiscally irresponsible.

“Tim Kaine no more ‘got us here’ than a firefighter arriving to put out a blaze caused a fire,” said Kaine spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine. “What ‘got us here’ was six years of runaway spending by George Allen and his Congressional allies that turned a huge surplus into a massive deficit. What ‘got us here’ was George Allen and a small vocal minority cheering default on debt they helped create rather than joining both sides to negotiate a balanced solution.”